Camping Land uit Zee


Around park: 1km


In the cozy village of Wieringerwerf you can go shopping, there are several restaurants and there is a swimming pool.

The history
Construction of the village began in 1931, a year after the polder had been drained. As part of an employment project financed by the State, which also owned the polder land, residents from all over the country came to Wieringermeer to roll up their sleeves. In a short time, homes, shops, churches and schools arose in Wieringerwerf. A mound was also built near the village, where people can escape in the event of a dike breach.

On July 1, 1941, Wieringermeer became an independent municipality. On April 17, 1945, the dike was blown up by the Germans, flooding the polder in two days. The majority of the inhabitants sought refuge on the old land, but a small number of people fled onto the mound and into the domain's office. On December 11, 1945, the polder was drained again, after which Wieringerwerf could be rebuilt. A monument and a wheel still mark the site of the breakthrough. Popularly known as "the hole in the dike". (Source: Wikipedia).

Walking route between the tulips In Wieringerwerf there is also a nice walking route across the farmland. In spring and summer it is wonderful to walk through the tulip fields!

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